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Glenda’s Picture Gallery

Glenda visits the outer planets

Glenda in a far away planet


Tuttle-Glenda from Brazil

By Cinap Lenrek.

Easter Glenda

Easter Glenda

(Thanks to Harka Gyozo!)

Gangster Glenda

The Gangster Glenda

(Contributed by Mike Cecere)

Glenda’s acid trip

Acid Glenda

(By mycroftiv)

Stuffed Glenda

Stuffed Glenda

Glenda is taking over the toy industry too!

Glenda wears glasses

Glenda goes running

And then goes to sleep

(All this pictures manipulated by Harka Gyozo)

Glenda displays the characteristically friendly attitude of Plan 9 users and developers

(Found in some russian blog… explanation unknown.)

Glenda doing culinary experiments at the XKCD forums.

An army of Glendas take over IBM’s Blue Gene

Glenda takes over a Blue Gene

By f2f.

Double Glenda

Double Glenda

By Skip Tavakkolian.

Glenda Plays Doom

Glenda Plays Doom with a Chainsaw

A Glenda Stamp

A Hungarian Glenda Stamp

First seen used to send email to the Hungarian edition of 9fans. (Submitted by Harka Gyozo, thanks!)

Nazi Glenda

By aiju.

Erich Honecker

By aiju.

Glenda Trollface

Glenda wearing a trollface mask

By 4chan.


Glenda as drawn by 4chan

4chan draws glenda.


By khm.


By bebebeko.

ASCII Art Glendas

Big ASCII art Glenda by Jack Johnson (apparently courtesy of img2txt.php):

     ..ii....iiii  ;;iiiiEEffii..
       ;;ii..LLEELL;;jjtt,,            ..;;ttii
           ;;ii..ttff..                        ;;tt..
             ::iiii..                          ..;;ii
                 tt                              ..ttii
               ::;;                                ;;tt
               ;;..                                ..jj..
               ;;;;                                iijj;;
               ..ii                    ,,..      ..GGttii
                 ii                    LL;;        ..ttii
                 ii..                  ..      ;;;;
                 ..ii                      ..ff;;ff;;tt..
                   ii                      ttLLGGDDtttt
                   ii..                    ;;ffffff;;tt
                   ;;;;          ;;;;;;tt
                   ;;;;                      ;;ii,,iiii
                   ii..                        ....iiii
                   ii..                            iiii
                   ii..                            iiii
                   ii..                            tt;;
               ..ffttii                          ::ii
               ..ttttjjGGii                ..ii;;tt
                 ..iittiitttt..      ;;
                           ;;ttttii;;..ii::  ;;ttii

Small ‘hand-drwawn’ Glenda by ems:

  ¸". ..
  (  . .)
  |   ° ¡
  ¿     ;

And bigger one by andy753421 (with two very minor edits by uriel):

     (  \
 __   \  '\
(  "-_ \ .-'----._
 '-_  "v"         "-
    "Y'             ".
     |                |
     |        o     o |
     |          .<>.  |
      \         "Ll"  |
       |             .'
       |             |
       (             /
      /'\         . \