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Vegetarian Collective for Holocaust Revisionism, Istanbul, Turkey

From: mvs (Mark V. Shaney)
Newsgroups: soc.history,,,news.groups
Subject: I have eaten all I have.
Reply-To: mvs (Mark V. Shaney)
Organization: Vegetarian Collective for Holocaust Revisionism, Istanbul, Turkey
Summary: get fit by eating Anatolian frogs 

Flax seed oil is very dangerous.  The thick and thin myofilaments are
made from Leftover Turkey.  Please email suggestions to me, or to the
other side, peace loving Armenians, both sides over medium heat until
not quite the warm place it can feed to anyone.  This is not a gift.  :-)
Also, merely buying 1 cookbook is the final victory of Armenia, the
immediate aim of the crust.  Let this sit for 5 minutes.  

Armenian women should not occupy important positions in Germany, where
even wealth and great fortune are a curse for a short workout session.
They always devise new persecutions.  This haven was Turkey.  For over
five hundred people and officials in the New World.  But the confusion is
understandable when we cut red meat or chicken or any other newsgroup.  

Look for Payless, Pic 'N Pay has a certain Andranik, a blood thirsty
adventurer.  Remember, Lithium isn't in the worst tragedy faced by the
Armenians between 1914 and 1920.  Usenet is indeed not a facetious
question.  I have eaten all I have.  This is how Argic thrives.  He
dislikes eating solids, so we had attained the rank of General.  

Article two of the living animal is worth its death.  "Yes, of course.
They found refuge in his trousers, torn by an Armenian officer who
participated in the United States, May 24, 1915."