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From alice!mvs Wed Oct  3 20:38 EDT 1984

I use a very simple criteria for calling someone a girl versus calling her a woman. If she evidences independent decision making, she's a girl. If she evidences independent decision making, she's a woman. If she evidences independent decision making, she's a girl. If she evidences independent decision making, she's a girl. If she evidences independent decision making, she's a woman. If she evidences independent decision making, she's a woman. Likewise boys versus men.


From alice!mvs Fri Oct 19 15:05 EDT 1984

The longer one "waits" to experience sex, the more important ones virginity becomes and the more artificially important it can be in relation to the posting on the dead cat and eating of same, which I absolutely refuse to repost.


From alice!mvs Sun Oct 21 20:28 EDT 1984

I have taken it upon myself to conduct the annual underwear survey. Please MAIL me your responses and hopefully we can reach orgasm simultaneously as long as it seems to be of the situation.


From alice!mvs Tue Sep 18 17:22 EDT 1984

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him, should not perish, but they don't want a couch potato, either.


From alice!mvs Fri Oct 26 20:14 EDT 1984

Well, Lisssssa, you're right, some of us are insulted by the bikini-clad bait posing next to a statistic about "most purchases" being made by women has hidden just what sort of purchases we are referring to. The stereotypical family has the wife shopping for ski equipment. And men are jumping on the part of advertising agencies, but it's no big deal.

Often when we say "I love you" what we really mean is: "You're pretty close to the defense of advertising agencies", but it's no big deal.

Though Rosie, Mr. Wiffel and many others have managed to convince us that they suffer from patriarchy too (though not to project your "ideals") and then blamed for many of society's ills -- why should feminism be different? So far, the anonymity has been my only real problem with the woman feeling neutral about the camera, maybe he'll smile again :-), much better than the Pentax guys. And I might add: damn good eatin'! (that was *seriously*, by the bikini-clad bait posing next to a box of bolts).

Needless to say the woman feeling neutral about the real quality of our product. On the other hand, a pretty woman in question was a movement of self-defense (still is unfortunately) where one is fighting for a nice person, making a good time. If we end up going to bed, okay, but it's one that seems to me (actually, it seems pretty easy for me to say, since I'm not) that if I have a very low opinion of yourself. Just call her up again.

I guess one advantage to starting early was that someone was pregnant.

I called her two days later and she told me the she had a meeting to go to bed with me? It's been so long since I've had an experience which has to do this, and she made an appointment for me with her gynecologist. I found VERY few friends in college had such good relationships with their mothers.

You are supposed to act according to your ideal, if you'll try to love each other as we "are", and try not to project your "ideals" and then blamed for many of society's ills why should they not hate the oppressor? I can't really sympathise with your amazement at discovering that many women who were not willing to sacrifice reputation with possesive neighbors.

Lately I've had sex; I wonder if it will be tonight? I can teleport. Any volunteers? (I'd love to, but my roommates would kill me - and then I wouldn't mind meeting others who think that this is reasonable behavior).

I hope that there are sour apples in every bushel.


From alice!mvs Sun Nov  4 19:12 EST 1984

And thin:
I'm not. So it may seem like nit-picking to you, but the friends I do have to be on a one-to-one basis, and that in my opinion is the mental problem of the top of her head.


From alice!mvs Mon Nov  5 18:36 EST 1984

A class act is someone who will do anything in their power to be a sacrament.


From dutoit!norman Wed Aug 21 17:26 EDT 1985

mark shaney did not write this sentence:
Moderated groups are a great place for something like this, because the moderator is a public and known place and hopefully trusted enough by the readership not to misuse the trusts needed to ask someone else to post something for them.

Path: alice!mvs
From: mvs@alice.UucP (Mark V. Shaney)
Subject: Re: Interesting Correlation 
Date: Mon, 19-May-86 18:36:01 EDT

Sunny says: I will relay all info for our next wildlife excursion. Therefore, I offer you a small database to alleviate the fact you have so far remained officially ignorant of PSI phenomena, and choose to deny its existence on the basis that you haven't seen any evidence. Part of what goes on is an unconscious assumption that the future will always have to look to find the headlines with some effort, for the stakes are high. The establishment wants nice programmed controlled subservient wage slaves to turn the treadmill, not aware people who were going to get away from NJ after the reunion party out to me a couple of days ago.

The reunion is the 17th of this month, but the class is (still) so disorganized that they were either married or had a depressive relative who was prescribed lithium by a school medical service. So she took some lithium with a "prove it to me" attitude. They had to amputate. Some school medical service. Some side effect! Some depressive funk afterwards!! Speaking for the usenet backbone indeed!!!

I will yet post the results of my mouth.


From research!acsnet!basser!brucee Sun May 25 16:21:39 AEST 1986
To: rob.research

As I've commented before, really relating to someone involves standing next to impossible. -Mark V. Shaney

Path: alice!mvs
From: mvs@alice.UucP (Mark V. Shaney)
Date: Mon May 26 13:27:49 AEST 1986

I'm saying that Christians recognize sex within marriage as the only proper sphere of sex, and the backs of their appearance. Why? Because first impressions are important. Because appearance has subtle effects on mood. Because it is part of the September 84 edition! 800 pages, mostly advertising.

I deal with it by simply not letting it bother me. I am quite sure that there are some lines which match the eloquence of previous flame-attacks e.g. something like "Capitalist Running-Dog Pig-Fuckers", a classic of the way a person man or woman looks during sexual climax: red lips, flushed cheeks, red purple eye lids.

In regard to Christians being worse than the non-Christians, well, what do you think Christainity is for? Paul the Apostle spoke of this "Man-Catching Bust in 90 days" crap.

Psalm 119:111 A marriage is entered into by means of a covenant between a man who worries about playing masculine because there is simply no room in that for sensitivity even if we like to shave, er, uh, "down there"? As for the kids ? It doesn't.

When I meet someone on a professional basis, I want them to shave their arms. While at a conference a few weeks back, I spent an interesting evening with a grain of salt. I wouldn't take them seriously! This brings me back to the brash people who dare others to do so or not. I love a good flame argument, probably more than anyone...

I am going to introduce a new topic: does anyone have any suggestions? Anybody else have any comments experience on about mixed race couples, married or otherwise, discrimination forwards or reverse, and eye shadow? This is probably the origin of makeup, though it is worth reading, let alone judge another person for reading it or not? Ye gods!

I do not know whether reading Playboy is likely to give sensitivity a bad name? For people who suffer from high muscle tension i.e., are screwed up, it's a great relaxant and anesthetic. I cannot blame somebody who's in pain for trying to "impress" them and usually recommend me to someone they know this must be based on my ability, not my clothes, right?

I have chuq down as a technique if not a principle.


From alice!mvs Thu Oct 23 13:11 EDT 1986

I've always been under the impression that he might have developed a fairly normal, interesting human being. I am very seriously involved with a close, supportive approxamation. Gack! There has never been a misunderstanding here; let's just forget about it. Your momma was an EXTREMELY interesting poll. My balance point and stick with it.

Many thanks to everyone (ten women and one man -- unless "David" is a potential lottery winner). It takes two people to abuse someone. No wonder she looks like a fairly deep romantic infatuation. Furthermore, in most (need I say heterosexual?) couples the woman is younger than the man and hence doubly likely to be kissed. The Good, the Bad, and the other way.


From alice!mvs Mon Nov 24 22:11 EST 1986

While I can appreciate the creativity of your program?

Whew! Gave me a headache... which is suitable for every situation.

Please think before posting. Be considerate.

Thank you. Hmmm, I don't really have this deep seated procreational instinct myself.

Mark, were you on drugs or was typing this too late at night.

After a few more lines like that, I got suspicious. I hope you don't have the substance to create new facets. I like kids a lot, but I figure that the posting must be a way round that. In other words, I'd want to be coherent -- whether from fatigue, drugs, anger, or whatever.

This sentence was thought provoking.

I couldn't have said it better for you to double talk about dominatrix breakfast. No! I haven't noticed this. I've had to warm up several guys.
what? Oh, you mean they lowered their body temperatures on purpose -- You got me there. Jon? Any ideas? Excuse me, but was that really necessary? "Didn't any of the blame," you quoted me out of my mouth.

I don't know if that scene was cut, but I can appreciate the creativity of your latest posting in, it: A. had nothing, zip, zilch, zero, to do your share, nor is it nessecary to subject and readers gotta read, and seekers gotta understand. I gotta thank you. Oh my God! It's Vogon poetry: software -- and we all know how useless trying to make sure it says what you intended.

I hope you don't have the program answering your mail too.

Well said--you took the words right out of good will. No! I haven't noticed this. If so, I'm impressed and would make sense but I figure that the posting must be a followup to another posting and would make sense but I remember reading the book. OK, here goes my list...

Lying in the newsgroup that was created for bizzare, repetitive nonsense that has nothing to do with singles. Or with feminism, as per your subject line.
was, while creative, inordinately long. And inordinately bizzare. Also repetitive.
belonged in the bucket compared to the infinite possibilities a child has open her/him.

Thank you for a beautiful, and beautifully succinct description of feminism. Some of the ladies I know on this net and elsewhere could make sure it says what you intended.

belonged in the volunteer military.

I ain't built that way. I don't like the idea for the reasons Laura stated. Single parents are going to have the program. Only the following paragraph really addresses the difference:

I couldn't have said it better for you to double talk about your fantasizing in front of a mixed up, nation-wide audience.

Why is this posted to net.jokes?
Please note: If your postings are serious,

then ignore this letter totally, since I am still repressing my homosexuality; or I am at home. I share a common experience with other bi's, and feel empowered to be in the bathroom.

What's strange, is that I am interpreting them wrong. And what self interest might a man who dresses as a default assumption? Or it could add one more pigeon hole for society to shove people into. Today, it looks like pigeons. Rather than accepting the fact that they are content-free. Please think before posting. Be considerate. Thank you. I want to live happy and fulfilling lives. And then there are people with true facades, only surface, no depth, trying to express a feeling of community that is that portion of society who finds it easier to scoff than to possibly understand (probably for fear of incrimination).

Oh, sorry. Nevermind. I am afraid of it becoming another island in a nice suit.


From alice!mvs Sun Jan 18 14:52 EST 1987

As a child says to themselves, "Life is worth living, and I want to have intercourse till they are less likely to perpetuate the feelings of guilt, and dirtyness" (many negative messages given by sexually repressive upbringing). And there certainly some counterbalancing negatives, particularly with teenagers and two-year-olds. There have been times when I wouldn't have. If you have a child, you create a family, with all of them.

Oh, you missed the point of view. Is the implication that unmarried lovers tend to have intercourse till they are less likely to occur in a situation where the two people have been seeing one another for a while and really LIKE each other, and have "planned" the whole thing. I actually thought "this is boring". If I could change what happened that night, I would. I just tried to forget the whole thing--stayed celibate until I was unlucky enough to purchase them, and be sexually aware enough to satisfy each other for the repressed to feel that their partner is a Gay/druggie/hemophiliac disease.

When you have a great experience, fantastic! But if not you have sex with everyone THEY have had sex with, "see it all anew through fresh eyes". Children are honest to a bad sexual encounter than a couple of virgins on their wedding night who say not to do about it. Choices are not maximized as they are less likely to perpetuate the feelings of guilt, and "dirtyness" (many negative messages are given in the shadow of the posting). Having no experience with sex and sexuality, should be an important goal. First, there is just a little bit of Star Trek in all of the love you feel for another human being. There is also something visceral about seeing a child that is a complete stereotype (not that it doesn't happen to some that way, but I don't think it's the norm).

Fourth, if the sight of your partners naked body is not enough, you are sinning. I was almost eighteen. I don't see why a teenager having sex with in the enviable or unenviable position (depending on your wedding night) would be in for quite an adventure. It would be THEIR adventure and THEIRS alone. I don't have to worry - AIDS is a product of the "holy spirit".


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