Glenda's lair The unofficial home of the Plan 9 Bunny

Glenda and Friends

Glenda’s adventures playing marbles with hir(sic) friends… Glenda not only has a space helmet, but also has invisible underpants!

The Go Gopher

The Go Gopher

The Go Gopher is the mascot for Google’s Go programming language, and was also created by RenĂ©e French.

And its brother (or sister?) the WFMU Gopher:

The WMFU Gopher

The Go Gopher in Russia with an ushanka and a balalaika.

Russian Gopher

And the Go Gopher in his ‘professional gopher’ outift (by Gustavo Niemeyer):

Professional Gopher

Tux’s enjoys a friendly backscratch of Glenda’s chainsaw

Glenda and Tux

(Original credit by Ronald G Minnich at LANL?)

Tux also wants to be a cute bunny…

Tux in a Bunny Costume

… but sadly the results are not quite as good as he would like.

When Lucent and Alcatel merged, Maurice became Glenda’s French counterpart

Maurice the Frog

The Fish from LSUB’s Plan B

The Plan B Fish

and his friend the octopus

The Octopus

The LP49 Tanuki

The LP49 Tanuki

Glenda is Mothra Compatible

100% Mothra compatible


[picture not available]


By some crazy japanese people.

Plan 9-tan Plan 9-tan Plan B-tan Plan B-tan Octopus-tan Octopus-tan

The 9-tan family:

The Plan 9 -tan family picture

Plan 9-tan and Inferno-tan:

Plan 9-tan and Inferno-tan

Plan B-tan and Octopus-tan:

Plan B-tan and Octopus-tan